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Life and Business consultant | Former Engineer | Best selling author

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Life and Business consultant | Former Engineer | Best selling author

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I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers who want to increase their income, impact, and leave a legacy!

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I’m Kendra Dee –

Your Business Consultant

Marketing Coach,And Mindset Mentor

Are you ready to stop playing small?
Do you wish to step into your fullest potential?
What if you could create the life and business of your DREAMS?
What if you were guided in the process and not left to figure it out on your own?
Regardless of if you’re making $0 or trying to get from 6 to 7 figures – I will show you the process I’ve used to help numerous clients generate up to 9- figures and more in revenue.

I am the ONLY coach that has maximized both the right and left side of my brain, combined the woo woo with the practical, and know how to bring it all together to create massive results and revenue!

Kendra Dee – Founder




Years of Experience


Global Business Consulting


Global Speaker

Are you ready?

Start. Grow. Scale. Automate.
Create the business you’ve always dreamed of and the lifestyle you desire.

Why continue on a hamster wheel when you can literally learn a proven path to generate more money in your business, from anywhere in the world without making the same common mistakes most people make.

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Studies show we all excel more in communities.Don’t go at it alone,be surrounded by those on the same mission.

Create Multiple Streams of Revenue

Learn how to generate multiple streams of revenue regardless of your business.

Close and Sale with Confidence

No more feeling shaky and unsure about your offers,business,or value!

Reprogram Your Mind for Success

Uncover and reprogram the subconscious programs running your life so that you get to experience the income, impact, and create generational wealth without struggle.

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"I was struggling to make money in my business and after my very first call with Kendra I took her advice and closed TWO clients."

"Kendra got us over the million dollar mark in an unbelievable amount of time! I still don't know how she does what she does, but I highly recommend her. She is naturally talented."

~Happy Customers

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